The beauty of women not only comes from the appearance, but also the exclusive inner charm of women.
The source of charm comes womens original starting point – golden triangle. Vagina, womb and ovary comprise of the womens life golden triangle
a secret garden of women and a special internal recycling system. The golden triangle plays and important role in the life women
.it the place where life starts, the essence of womens beauty and the focus we shall take care of.
A new medical concept hypothesizes that:
Menstrual period is a significant physiological adjustment period for women. If you take hold of the key to the period to maintain and protect the golden triangle,
your body internal environment will be comprehensively improved and you will be more beautiful and younger.
New nouripad anion sanitary napkin (245mm)
Breaking the tradition, creating intimate female maintenance
The new era of portable
Research data shows that more than 85% married women in the world suffer from at least two gynaecological diseases
during their life with the percentage in developing countries exceeding 90%. In vast rural areas,
the gynaecological incident rates of women who have given birth reaches over 97% . women’s reproductive health has become an urgent issue that needs to be solved.
On the basis of former bacteriostatic nourishing formula for golden triangle the new nouripad anion sanitary napkin is equipped with scientific recuperating compositions

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